Food tent will include scheduled meals, snacks, and beverages throughout the event. The food tent is included in the registration fee for all riders (including virtual riders), so registered riders DO NOT need to purchase an additional food tent access for themselves.
$25 food tent ticket can be purchased during registration for family and friends attending as spectators.


Saturday, August 10th
7:30 AM Subaru complex opens; enter through Gate 7 off Haggerty Lane and sign waiver. 
7:30 AM General parking lot opens; participants may park on track infield, but vehicle must remain parked until event concludes.
8:00 AM Rider registration begins.
9:00 AM SAG tent opens.
9:15 AM Opening ceremony at the track.
9:40 AM All participants meet at the start/finish line for a group photo immediately after the opening ceremony.
9:45 AM Individuals and team members riding the first leg gather with their bikes on the track
10:00 AM The Subaru CASA Cycling Challenge begins.
11:00 AM Lunch for riders.
5:30 PM Dinner For Riders.
10:00 PM Pizza for Riders.

Sunday, August 11th
6:00 AM Breakfast for riders.
10:00 AM The Subaru CASA Cycling Challenge concludes.
10:05 AM Closing ceremony at the track.

Age Requirement – In the interest of safety, the minimum age for riders is 14 years old.

Timing – Timing services will be provided by EnMotive. Each participant or team will be issued an ankle strap with a chip allowing laps to be tallied. Live results will be posted on the internet throughout the event. Riders and spectators will be able to check their team status from any smart phone or laptop! We will have large monitors available and frequent results.

Entrance – The event entrance will be via the Gate 7 Entrance off Haggerty Lane, which is located behind the plant but parallel to 38.

Parking – Only vehicles remaining for the entire event may be parked in the test track infield. These vehicles must be in place by 9:30 a.m. on August 10 and will not be allowed to exit until 10:15 a.m. on August 11. If you plan to drive your vehicle for any reason during the event, you must park in the newly paved parking lot, which is accessed from gate 7. Parking will be provided for a limited number of RVs by request, however we are not able to provide power.

Infield Facilities – The track infield will include the SAG tent where participants will find water, shade, and refreshments throughout the event. There also will be a trailer with restrooms, a first aid area, and friendly volunteers to provide assistance.

Tents – Teams and individuals may bring tents to use as a home-base during the event. Tents may be put up in the designated grassy area. Teams and individuals will be assigned spots.

Food and Wildlife – Four scheduled meals and SAG-style food will be provided at the SAG tent for registered riders. Participants should plan for any unique dietary needs and bring any specialty food or supplemental drinks they require. There are coyote pups and other wildlife that live near the test track. Please keep all food in airtight containers and put trash in designated receptacles so wildlife will not be attracted to your area.

Helmets and bikes – All riders are required to wear a helmet. Each rider also is responsible for the condition of his or her bicycle and any minor repairs that may be required during the event.

Lights – The track will have some lights at night. However, all riders who ride between dusk and dawn are required to have a working headlight and taillight on their bicycles for the safety of all riders. Please check your lights before the race and bring extra batteries.

Lap counting – EnMotive will provide lap-counting and timing services. Each participant or team will be issued an ankle strap with a chip allowing laps to be tallied. Live results will be posted on-site and on the internet throughout the event.

Team participants – Teams may have only one bike on the track at any given time. Team members will share one ankle strap. As one rider finishes on the track, the ankle strap will be passed to the next rider in the designated exchange area so an accurate lap count is assured. Riders may only ride with the team with which they are registered at 10:00 am Saturday August 10. In order to ride for another team, a second registration must be completed and a second fee paid.

Music and quiet hours – Music to get you motivated will be played throughout the event except during quiet hours, which will be observed from 10:00 pm until 6:00 am. Please be considerate of fellow cyclists who may be sleeping during quiet hours.

Severe weather – In case of lightning or other severe weather, riders may be asked to evacuate the track and stay in a designated area until the weather clears. The event will conclude at 10:00 am on August 11 regardless of delays.

Restrooms – There will be a trailer with restrooms and additional portable restrooms in the track infield area.

Pets, alcohol, tobacco, balloons, and grills – No pets, alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, balloons, or grills will be permitted at the event, as per SIA's rules.

Closing ceremony – The top three finishers with the most laps completed will be recognized in three categories: team, individual male and individual female. The top three fundraisers will also be recognized in two categories: team and individual. The closing ceremony will be held immediately after the event concludes near the start/finish line.